Your favorite holiday traditions

We recently inquired on our Facebook page and Twitter account about your favorite holiday traditions. Thanks to everyone who replied! Here is a compiled list of all the responses. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  • My cool holiday tradition is giving kids new pjs, then reading The Polar Express & drinking hot cocoa on Christmas Eve. Great thing about this tradition is they wake up Christmas morning PHOTO READY in brand new pjs! They look forward to it!
  • Taking a vacation every year.
  • Hide the Pickle and poppers filled with goodies at dinner. I always buy poppers for each place setting and we pop them before we eat. They are filled with goodies like jokes, toys, bubbles, etc. They are a great conversation starter. *Apparently poppers can also be referred to as crackers. See here and here.
  • Making bets Christmas night of who will be the ‘talk’ of the family Christmas party.
  • Rock Band Christmas with extended family. Even my mom gets in on the action with Rock Band The Beatles! She was a teenager when The Beatles came out and knows all the songs. The grandkids think it’s way cool.
  • Having quail, wild rice and raspberries Christmas morning!! Oh and I read The Cajun Christmas Carol to the family every Christmas Eve!
  • Pretending I’m seven again and running downstairs in hope of a new huffy 10 speed. I’ve been disappointed the last 20 years
  • The drunk elf on a shelf!! My dad told my kids that when we forgot to move it… Now our elf is a lush…
  • Mom fixes biscuits/gravy before we open our stockings then gifts. At our age, we still get stockings…LOL
  • New pjs for each of my kids to wear to bed on Christmas eve.
  • My favorite holiday tradition is going to my brother’s house for Christmas Brunch and Mimosa’s in the morning!! And watching my dog, Leo, pull his new toy out of his stocking.
  • Actually, we alcoholics go straight for the homemade eggnog with four kinds of liquor!
  • Dad always insisted we leave a shot of whiskey for Santa to warm up instead of cold milk along with the chocolate chip cookies.
  • Tacos on Christmas Eve, leaving cookies out for Santa ( even though we are all ‘adults’, and Daddy’s lasagna for Christmas dinner together.

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