WedSafe wedding insurance

Regardless of how much we plan, some things are simply out of our control. If it’s inclement weather like rain showers or summer thunderstorms, we always plan to have a plan B. But how do you prepare if a hurricane should hit? Or if you and your soon-to-be spouse are in the military and get called to duty? What about if you, your soon-to-be spouse or a close love one falls ill and you are forced to postpone the wedding?

That is where wedding insurance comes in. One particular one we recommend is WedSafe.

  • If you’re forced to cancel / reschedule the entire wedding for a covered reason
  • If your wedding takes place as scheduled but you experience a covered damage / loss to wedding attire, wedding rings, wedding photos/video, and more

Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus insurance can help your wedding go smoothly at every stage by protecting you against:

  • Lost deposits / vendor bankruptcy throughout the planning period
  • Damage to wedding gown, wedding photographs, and more
  • Nonrefundable deposits if you are forced to postpone the entire event

In fact, we did recently recommend to one of our couples that it was wise to invest in WedSafe since the bride is being deployed to Iraq and her orders could change.

For more information on what is covered and how much coverage you should get, go to WedSafe.

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