Using Pinterest to make inspiration boards

Remember back in July of this year when we posted about, Pinterest, a cool, new image bookmarking/archiving service? If not, this post will tell you all about it.

It’s a great service where you can make a visual archive of all your favorite images. You can divide them up by categories and make different boards based on these categories. It is part social media too – you can follow other Pinterest users and repost images they post and vice versa.

We mentioned the service would be a great tool when it came to social media. Here’s a board as an example.

Click here to see the board in action. Notice when you click on an image, it will take you back to the original website the image was found so if it’s a DIY project, it’ll take you back to the site that has the materials needed and instructions.

One of the cool features that Pinterest has is a toolbar option. When you install the toolbar option, you can go post an image from a website* without having to go to the Pinterest website. You simple go to the website you want to pin, go to the image, and click on the “Pin It” button on your toolbar. If you have categories set up already,  you use the drop down menu to choose which category you would like the particular image to go to.

Due to privacy issues, some images on websites, such as Facebook, and images within Google Reader, may not be pin able.

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