Two Steps To The Perfect Bridesmaid Dress with J. Crew

Planning a wedding in this day and age takes a lot of coordination. Whether it’s a destination wedding in Key West, a wedding in your home town, or in the city that you  currently live in, chances are your bridesmaids are scattered across the country. We’ve come a long way in fashionable bridesmaid dresses, but you can still hit a few snags when it comes to getting your girls in the right dress.

While there are so many beautiful fashions at bridal shops across the country, you still might have to deal with ordering sizes without trying them on, alterations, and other headaches. That’s why we love J. Crew’s approach. No matter where your girls live, chances are there’s a J. Crew near them. All you have to do is pick the fabric and color swatch, and then allow your girls to choose the style that works for them best.

Of course, you have the option for each of them to wear the same style, but at least you’ve got that choice and everyone can take care of it themselves. The best part of all is that the fashions are stylish. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll get another wear out of the dress!

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Check out J. Crew’s latest bridesmaid dress collection here.

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