Top 10 Wedding Trends For 2013

As 2012 draws to a close, here at Swankey Events,  we’re looking to the future and forecasting next year’s top wedding trends. We’ve scoured the web’s best bridal blogs and spoken with our vendors here in Key West to see what’s going to be hot in weddings in 2013. We love what Marie-Pierre’s done with her Studio Marie-Pierre blog. She forecasted three great bridal hair trends for 2013, including the braided chignon, soft waves, and the high bun. We love!

Over at the 3-D Memoirs Blog, guest blogger Gail Oliver, author  of 663 Must-Have Wedding Ideas, put together a top 10 wedding trends list that we absolutely adore. Here, we share with you the list. Do you see yourself incorporating any of these trends into your 2013 wedding?

1. Mint- There are so many great colors for bridal and mint is definitely been a popular one.

2. Birds- Two little birds sitting in a tree… Love birds!

3. Paper Lanterns- Paper lanterns and string lighting makes a party festive and beautiful. We love the lighting design that Eventfully Yours creates for our Swankey weddings.

4. Braids- 3-D Memoirs called braids a major bridal trend, and Marie-Pierre included this gorgeous braided chignon in her top 3 trends. We love it too!

5. Laser Cut Designs- Laser cut designs are so chic, sleek, and modern.

6. Chicken Wire- 3-D Memoirs says chicken wire. We say, Key West chickens!

7. The 1920s- They say the forthcoming Great Gatsby movie has brought 1920s style into fashion. We think it could be a great inspiration for bridesmaid dresses or the bride who really wants to make a statement.

8. Backgrounds- Photo booths with creative backgrounds and fun props are all the rage at weddings right now. We love the fun they create at receptions and Studio Julie makes an awesome one!

9. Garlands- This decorative touch is sweet and great for the DIY bride.

10. Bark- 3-D Memoirs likes decorative bark. For a Key West destination wedding, we like coconuts, pineapples, and conch shells!

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