The Tale of the Lost & Found Wedding Dress

It was the Tuesday before Labor Day Weekend when Megan was on Facebook and came across a post from Island Dogs that read:

“Ok. Someone’s wedding dress just fell off a truck in front of island dogs!!! No info on the garment bag. Not sure if this post will work, but if any of you know of a bride looking for her dress we have it at Island Dogs.”

Within a few hours the post had almost 20 responses from people in the Key West wedding industry and the community at large. People posted tips, questions, and whether they knew anything about the dress or who it belonged to. Many of us also posted on our own Facebook and Twitter pages and the search for the dress went viral! Megan posted on Swankey’s wall, and in no time our friends were on the search, including Marie-Pierre, 6 Toe Jam, and Cork & Stogie amongst about 15 others. Our Twitter post was retweeted by the Pier House and in no time it seemed like the whole island was on alert of the missing dress.

By 6:30pm that same day, Island Dogs posted that the bride had been reacquainted with her wedding dress! The buzz made national and even international headlines with an AP story published in the Miami-Herald and the UK’s Daily Mail, amongst many others.

It turns out the the couple were newlyweds from Germany honeymooning in Key West. They were on their way out of town when they realized that the dress was missing. They had left it on top of the car when they were packing and that’s how it turned up at Island Dogs. They went back to search the streets and walked into Rum Barrel where the waitress had seen the search for the dress on Facebook. In no time, the couple and the dress were reunited at Island Dogs!

It just goes to show what a tight-knit little community we have here in Key West. It was great to see the community come together like that. Take a look at the full story in the UK’s Daily Mail, including a screenshot of the Facebook page with a helpful comment from our own Kristin!

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