SwankeyEvents.com 2.0 Unveiled!

Welcome to a whole new wonderful world at Swankey Events! We’re gushing with excitement at the unveiling of our brand new website! Think of it as Swankey Reloaded, Swankey Part Deux, Swankey 2.o! Whatever you think of it as, we’re overjoyed with the new design, the new features, and connecting with all of you in a brand new way!

In January, Swankey celebrated its second birthday! Over the last few months, you might have noticed a few changes here and there. All of these wonderful transformations culminated with the relaunch of our website. When you have a minute or two, take a tour through the site to learn about Megan, our services, and what makes Swankey special for Key West destination wedding planning.

Some of the big changes you may have noticed is that our planning office is now located on famous White Street, just down the road from a classic Key West spot to grab a con leche, Sandy’s Cafe. For more information and how to find us, just click on our Contact tab. You may have also noticed that Swankey peacock sitting pretty on our logo. Yep, she’s a brand new fixture and we think she totally embodies the style and panache of a Swankey wedding.

While you’re on the site, don’t forget to scroll through our beautiful galleries¬†for inspiration: I Do, Lovebirds, Party Time, Special Touches, and Bridal Corner. These feature stunning photos of Swankey Key West destination wedding photos by none other than Julie Ambos of Studio Julie. Julie’s also the creative mind behind this website’s design and we cannot thank her enough!

We are thrilled with the result and we hope you are too! So go ahead, take a look around and have a very Swankey day!

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