Swankey wedding shoes

A few days ago we posted about mismatched bridesmaid dresses and how it can add a fun little punch of color and texture to your wedding. So today we decided this post was all about SHOES!

Since we are based out in Key West, we do a lot of beach weddings. Perhaps this is why we take notice in the shoes our brides wear…wait, nope we just LOVE shoes. Solaris from Solaris Photography and Julie from Studio Julie has captured some of our brides wearing the swankiest shoes!! Julie does share our love for fabulous shoes though!

Weddings shoes (even the guys can get in on this) can be another way to add fun details to your wedding. And cameras always seem to love the pop of colors and the element of surprise!! They make for fun photos!

Sweet aqua colored flower shoes!

Flip flops are a great favor for your guests when it comes to destination weddings. You can never have enough flippy floppies!

You can choose shoes that go with the rest of the colors of your wedding or go completely opposite. The choice is yours!

One of our brides even went with Converses so she could dance the night away comfortably at her reception!

Natasha went with some sassy purple shoes!

Kristina had some FABULOUS Michael Kors shoes! Megan even took the liberty of letting Kristina wear her flip flops so that Kristina’s feet could rest. The wedding excitement wore her little tootsies out! {Most certain, Megan didn’t mind wearing these awesome shoes!!}

We even have paintings of shoes in our Swankey office!

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