Swankey Hearts Jill’s Regalia for Bridal Jewelry

By Shayne Benowitz

A good friend of Megan’s visited 623 Swankey recently with her new collection of bridal jewelry. Jill Herasme, originally from Key West, has studied and worked in fashion  in New York, London, and Paris. She’s worked with such iconic American brands as Levi’s, Nautica, and Old Navy, and now she’s brought her talents back to Key West with this beautiful and chic collection of bridal and everyday jewelry.

Jill of Jill's Regalia.

Her Key West Collection is a perfect complement to any bride with an exotic destination wedding in the works. The pieces are handcrafted, delicate, and inspired by nature. They feature seashells, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and aquamarine, and are fashioned into organic shapes like flowers and starfish. Here’s some of our favorites from the Key West collection:

Bridal necklace with abalone shell pendant.
Aquamarine flower necklace.
Swarovski crystal and pearl starfish bracelet.
Pearl drop bridal earrings.

All of these beautiful pieces come in full sets including necklace, bracelet, and earrings. If you envision your perfect bridal jewelry, but can’t find it in stores, Jill specializes in custom-made jewelry. You’ll have a one of a kind piece to cherish for a lifetime.

For those not walking down the aisle anytime soon, Jill also has some amazing jewelry for anytime including a water casting collection and a ring collection.

Multi-gem long necklace.
Water casting is the art of submerging molten metal in water creating spontaneous, organic shapes.

We love Jill’s jewelry, and figure that any other Swankey Girl would, too! For more information, call Jill at 305-712-0064 or email her at info@jillsregalia.com, and of course, check out her website for more beautiful jewelry!

Shayne Benowitz is a freelance writer and social media consultant. For more information, check out her Wanderlust Blog & Website.

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