Swankey Events Praise: Canning & Roy Families

This is why we do what we do. We love creating amazing experiences for our brides and grooms and their families on one of the most important days of their lives. Here is an email that was forwarded to us. It is from the mother of one of our brides to another potential bride. We are sharing with permission from both parties.

Hello Jessica,

I am glad that you have contacted me for feedback on our experience with Kristin and Megan from Swankey Events. My daughter and her husband visited Key West last year to review the area in hopes of finding the perfect spot to have their wedding. They visited several places and spoke with different wedding planners.  They decided that the Casa Marina was the venue and Swankey Events, Kristin and Megan (her assistant) would facilitate the planning.

It is most important for you to know that my daughter Kate and her husband Jon as well as my husband and myself were planning  long weekend visit in early January to review the plans and make certain that everything was on track and that the selections and decisions we made were being implemented accordingly. We were unable to make the trip as we have a family-owned business and it necessitated all of us to stay in town. Nevertheless we maintained weekly conversations with Kristin and she always kept us current.  When decisions had to made, she provided us the information and went to the extent of taking pictures and providing us choices and working with us until we were comfortable making a decision. Her patience and recommendations never failed us.  She always made time for us and never left us feeling like we were a bother. She was eager to please us while providing us expert direction.  She also worked with Kate and Jon on family and guest accommodations. Please keep in mind that she arranged for Kate to have her dress and other items shipped to her attention prior to our arrival and arranged to have Kate’s and others dresses steamed and ready for the wedding day. Always accommodating without hesitation. Always listening without interruption. Always creative. Excellent at program management, details and promptness.

She has a vendor base that is superb and works diligently to please both the customer and Kristin as well.  There was never any indication of stress or problems with them working together. Her vendors respected her and carried out every request that she made. We were impressed with the team playing that they exhibited at all times. We know that that such an event requires teamwork in order to be spectacular.

We, the Canning & Roy Crews, arrived on Tuesday, 03/23/10, met with Kristin and Megan and reviewed all the wedding details that took months of planning. We were so exceptionally pleased at how well Swankey Events coordinated everything. We truly were impressed, happy and excited and probably much more. The choices that we made were absolutely perfect. Again Kristin’s expert guidance was so crucial to the end result.  Kristin and Megan knew what needed to happen and they did it!

Kristin also assisted Jon and Kate with their rehearsal dinner plans. She made a few suggestions and worked with Jon throughout the planning stages and directed he and his father to the owners of the establishment who provided great suggestions which led to a fabulous and fun-filled evening. We had 80 attendees.  Everyone was thrilled and more importantly had the opportunity to meet the families before the big day.

On March 27th., the day of the wedding, it was 87 degrees and sunny. Our wedding planner arranged for massages on the beach, manicures, pedicures, hair appointments etc. etc. etc. Both the bride and groom and their attendants and families enjoyed a very relaxing day being pampered. Kristin and Megan provided all guests with timing, directions and a host of other information when they first arrived in Key West for the wedding. They arranged for our guests to receive “goody” bags that held bottled water, Key Lime cookies, granola bars, pretzels ect., sunscreen, moisturizer, reading material on the area, value coupons, a program detailing the timing and location of the rehearsal dinner, wedding and other significant information.  Everyone was so impressed and felt very comfortable and assured that they would not miss out on being in the right place at the right time to co-celebrate with Jon and Kate. This adds to the feeling of relaxation. We were able to totally enjoy all aspects of the wedding and all the festivities that led up to the grand celebration.

At 6:00 PM everyone and everything was ready. All the guests were seated with programs in their hands,  flip flops on their feet and wearing sunglasses (Thank God). The ceremony began with steel drums, flowers, decorated arch, minister, attendants, family, friends and the beautiful bride and handsome groom said “I Do”.
The photographer worked methodically to capture the perfect moments, keeping pace with the activities without being over-demanding of the bride and groom. She photographed from late afternoon until everyone said goodbye…another fantastic referral from Kristin.

Following the wedding ceremony we had a pre reception on the patio.  Kristin/Megan coordinated the tables, chairs, cloths, flowers, candles, beverages served and appetizers with a raw bar as well. Perfect…pre reception! We then moved into the main ballroom with special linens, lighting, florals/candles, engraved glassware, entertainment, food (beyond expectation), servers and much, much more.  All of these amenities were facilitated personally by Kristin and her staff.

Jessica, I have probably gone into much more detail than you requested but I will never be able to thank Kristin/Megan and their team enough for providing the Canning’s and Roy’s with a wedding celebration that not only met but exceeded our highest expectations. We have awesome memories that will last us a lifetime.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. I wish you and your fiance’ a beautiful wedding day and a lifetime of happiness.

Judy Canning

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