On Trend: Marriage Equality

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, then you’ve probably noticed over the last month or so that many of your friends and followers have adopted the marriage equality symbol as their profile picture in solidarity with the gay rights movement. Maybe you’re one of these people! The red square with a pink equal sign symbol has gone viral across the social web as we fight for equal rights from the Supreme Court to the state legislatures.

At Swankey Events, we’ve been planning same sex commitment ceremonies for years, and we fully support gay marriage rights. Of course, with gay marriage comes gay weddings, and we’ve seen a spike in trends catering specifically to same sex couples. From Karl Lagerfeld sending two brides down the Chanel runway during Paris Fashion Week to the fabulous invitations we found via Twitter from the Invitation Consultants, we can’t wait to see how the wedding industry will transform and grow as more people are able to marry the ones they love. These were some of our favorite same sex invitations.

1. Women Profiles- We love the classic cameo silhouette on these invitations and the modern simplicity. It’s also available with male cameos.

2. Rainbow Heart- The longtime symbol of pride for the LGBT community, we love the way the rainbow is incorporated into a heart for this invitation.

3. We Match- This invitation would be perfect for a dapper, fashionable couple. It’s simple, classic, and also playful!

4. Wise Bow Ties- We love the pair of bowties for this Mr. & Mr. invitation! There’s also a Mrs. & Mrs. version with pink lips!

5. Darling Dresses- The name of this card says it all. We adore these “darling dresses” and the pretty lavender hue of the invitation.

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