Key West’s waters are oil-free

Heather Carruthers posted this video and makes valid points:

The tragic, devastating BP oil spill that is damaging parts of the Gulf Coast has not impacted the environment of the Florida Keys. The economic impact is being felt nonetheless, as erroneous assumptions that the Keys have been struck abound.

Scientific predictions are that, if any impact in the Keys should occur, it will not be in the form of liquid oil, but will have evaporated and become weathered, decreasing in mass to 30% to 40% of its original size. The result would be “tar balls” that will be much less damaging to the environment and much easier to remove. Many believe that the Keys may be spared such impact entirely.

Amid the media coverage of this catastrophe, it’s important to recall geography. The Florida Keys are over 400 miles from the leading edge of the spill, and currents are, so far, steering all oil away from the Keys. Many Keys hotels are offering “oil free guarantees” so that visitors can plan a vacation without worry.

These images were taken on Sunday, May 30, 2010. Similar footage was filmed by a freelancer working for Good Morning America, but the aerial images of clear Keys waters did not make it to the air.

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