Oil Spill Update: Florida Sentry program confirms low risk to Florida Keys

A statement released by the Horizon Deepwater Response team on June 11, 2010 confirms that the risk remains low for the Florida Keys from the BP oil spill.

The Florida Peninsula Command Center reported Friday night that surface and aerial monitoring of waters off the west coast of Florida, south of the panhandle and the Florida Keys, continues to show the risk remains low for near-term Transocean/BP oil spill pollution threats to the Florida Keys and the Florida peninsula.

According to a press release, two vessels conducting monitoring and detection surveys, under a special Sentry program, have not detected oil or weathered oil products. In addition, Coast Guard observation flights did not observe oil that would pose a direct threat to the west coast of Florida in the near-term.

While the threat remains low, the Florida Peninsula Command Post continues to plan for any possibility of landfall of weathered oil products. In addition, the Command Post has established an environmental team whose specific purpose is the monitoring of ocean currents, satellite data, weather conditions and other data to identify emerging threats to the region.

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