Introducing Pinterest – a tool for archiving images

If you like to save images of things you see on the Internet or bookmark sites, then Pinterest might of interest for you. I will tell you why and what Pinterest is in a moment, but first I need to discuss how I previously archived my images of interest.

As a blogger, I like to save and bookmark a lot of images. Sometimes I use the images on my blog and post them right away. Other times I bookmark them with the intention I could use them in the future. At times I have bookmarked images and not used them until six months later. And often times I just want to bookmark images for inspiration.

I bookmark a realm of images from weddings, graphic design, home decor, package design, to just miscellaneous images that inspire me. When you add all those images up plus the sites in which you found them – well, that’s a lot to keep up.

Previously I had two separate systems set up as my image archive. 1) Old-school way: Saving images on the desktop and renaming the images to cite the site the image was found. 2) Google Reader. I have folders set up to classify the subscriptions into different categories like weddings, social media, advertising, home decor, etc. For images (and articles) that pop out, I simply star them. Classifying these items into folders has help tremendously. However, with close to 90 subscriptions to blogs, many of which post numerous times a day, my starred items can still get lost in the shuffle.

So what exactly is Pinterest? They describe themselves as a “virtual pinboard.” I couldn’t agree more. Pinterest is a site where you can post images into different categories. Even better, people can follow these collections of images, repin (repost) them, or simply “like” them.

Thus, you have a visual archive of images divided into the category of your choosing (you title the category). Even better you can follow other Pinners and see what images they are pinning. If you find something that inspires you, you can repin it. When an image is repinned, credit goes to the person who originally pinned the item and from there you can see the different collections the pin is a part of.

Here are a lot of my pins.  There are a couple of ways to view pins/boards.

I think the best part of Pinterest is the ease of pinning. I been thinking of ways for a while now of how I could visually archive my images to save time when it came to blogging. With Pinterest, there is a “Add a Pin” button feature that you can add to your menu bar. This features literally lets you pin from any website (except Google Reader). I like this because it saves time from actually having to log into a site and post – which to me would defeat the whole purpose of bookmarking images.

Pinterest has provided an easy and efficient way to house my growing “Keep Calm and Carry On” collection.

You can even invite people to contribute to your collection! Thus, if anyone would like to contribute to the ‘keep calm and carry on’ board on Pinterest, let me know.

If you are in need of a visual archive for your images, just want to bookmark images you find on the web, or simply want to be inspired by others, I recommend you join the Pinterest community. I have seven invites to give. If you would like one, leave me a comment and I will send one your way.

If you’re already on Pinterest and would like to connect, you can find me here.

::Note:: This tool can help you find and archive images that can inspire you throughout your wedding planning process, but nothing replaces the experience, knowledge, and service a great wedding planner can provide.

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