DIY in Wedding: Paper goods

Paper goods can be a unique and vibrant way to add color to your Key West wedding. Even better, you can customize paper decorations to fit the colors of your weddings perfectly.

Paper lanterns come in a variety of colors – you can even get ones that light up. We have various vendors that we use and can easily get a great bulk discount for your wedding. Here is a breathtaking example of how lanterns can add color to your event space.

This bride and groom even used paper garlands and ribbons to decorate his and her chairs.

You can use a variety of types of paper goods and colors to create a whimsical feel.  Style Me Pretty.

The flowery paper goods shown above are known as pom poms and they can easily be made from tissue paper. Here is a step by step tutorial from the craft queen herself, Martha Stewart.

If you are pressed for time and simply not crafty, you can buy already made tissue paper pom poms from Pom Love on Etsy. One pom will run you around $5. Hey, crafting paper works of art such as these are time consuming…

You can use lanterns indoors or outdoors. They can be arranged horizontally or vertically, in clusters, or individually. Here is a pretty simple arrangement of another type of lanterns. They took an even different approach and didn’t even hang the lanterns. Style Me Pretty

You can never go wrong with a classic arrangement of paper lanterns. Style Me Pretty

Here are some paper decorations hung around the wedding cake. Loving how this couple incorporated family portraits and their parents’ wedding day into their wedding! Style Me Pretty

Other paper designs we LOVE via Flights of Fancy. These incorporate ribbon, strips of fabric, and streamers as well.

Celebration canopy made of paper pom poms via Weddings Fresh. Fiesta, anyone?

Paper garlands in bold hues add color to the top of this tent and make for an inviting place to sit under. Style Me Pretty

Here is a beautiful DIY paper flower garland. You can find other images and a step by step tutorial on Ruffled.

Crepe paper flowers can even be used on wedding cakes and cupcakes. Once Wed Here is a great DIY resource on how to make these beauties here.

Of course, these paper decorations are not limited to weddings. They would be fabulous at bridal and baby showers. Even better, if you were planning on disposing the decorations when the wedding was over, invite your guests to take some of these beauties home so they can enjoy them long after your event. It will be inexpensive way to add color to their office or home and remind them of your fabulous wedding!

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    1. Hi, these photos are stock. The picture with the arches look like Key West, but we borrowed them from elsewhere. All of the new posts featuring weddings that we’ve planned are taken here in Key West (for more inspiration!).

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