A look back: Whitney & Richard’s Key West Wedding

Here are a couple of delightful videos that Bruce Ostrout at Fight Sight Pictures shared with us.

All of our weddings are special – there are some though that we hold very dear to our hearts as they have provided very special memories for us.

[xr_video id=”4da8d61a3712439f9049b8dd446106e0″ size=”md” title=”false” viewOnXR=”false”]

[xr_video id=”b477cbdd73504b8aa26a6e32bec2313a” size=”md” title=”false” viewOnXR=”false”]

Here is Kristin’s account from Richard and Whitney’s wedding:

This bride I will never forget; stunning and beautiful Whitney Johnson! We had rain on their rehearsal night so we had to move the party planned for outdoors at the Audubon House and put up a tent last minute next door. I was meeting Whitney at the entrance and as soon as I saw her face I knew something was wrong…she grabbed me and whispered, “Please do not say anything but I have lost my engagement ring!” I hugged her and said turn and come with me. We retraced her steps to the where they had parked; it was raining, and finally on my hands and knees in front of the Customs House, I found her ring under a car nearby where they had parked. She had taken her ring off to lotion her hands while they were driving and set it in her lap; she then jumped out of the vehicle and when she did it went flying and she didn’t realize it. That was a very long 10 minutes!!!

That evening was followed by a picturesque ceremony in St. Paul’s on Duval Street and a stunning reception at the Casa Marina Resort. Richard had family here all the way from Columbia and boy, did they all dance the night away!

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